Creative LUTs for Video and now for your Photos

I’ve been working with colour for 35 years, from a print & reprographics background and then running a design studio that finally evolved into a video production company. I still love the smell of fresh print.

25 Years ago we had ICC profiles for matching screen and print and I used to abuse these back then running basic versions of Quicktime through what would be colour correction profiles for printers. I also used to calibrate the print systems, making transform profiles.

I first started DELUTS in 2015 after years gathering look profiles that I have generated for film projects. I decided to share these and have tried to build upon this offering creative looks for Video and now for Lightroom & Photoshop using the new Profile system in CC 2018 versions.

I really like to own and use cameras I make LUT sets for and I think thats important as it takes time to get to know the quirks of each cameras colour.

The DELUTS Universe set was born after nearly 2 years building the back bone of the system. If you just need looks to go over the top of footage that you have already balanced, then thats the DELUTS Overlook set is a great place to start.

If you are working with images and want the look of DELUTS with RAW, TIF, JPEG etc then the new DELUTS Lightroom ACR Looks is the one to use. I have offers when purchasing 2 certain sets. The DELUTS Lightroom ACR Looks & DELUTS OVERLOOK are a great match for video and stills.

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