VIJF TV Idents

I produced these idents with VIJF/VIER  a TV company in Belgium. I have been shooting with them since 2009 on the 5Dk2. They are a lovely company to work with and its always a pleasure shooting and of course going to Belgium.

I decided to shot on the Helios 58mm f2, Nikon 28 f2.8, Sigma Art 24mm 1.4. I love the flare from the Helios especially when ‘Lens Whacking’. I only had the lens attached to the camera on a few shots.

I love my Zeiss Otus 55 & 85mm lenses but sometimes they are too sharp for the emotion needed.


A005_C051_0824XD A005_C049_08243N A005_C045_0824FD A005_C075_08247S A006_C076_0824Q9 A007_C011_08241T.0000198F A007_C001_08247L A007_C004_08247L.0003110F A007_C020_08246E.0000507F A007_C039_0824MT.0000415F A007_C046_08240J.0001390F A004_C019_0824X4 A004_C056_08242G




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